Naughty List

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My grandpa gave me coal for Christmas! (and $50)



Final Results :D

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Yesterday I had two finals, French and Chemistry, and I had my AP US History final the other day. Today I got the grades back from all three. In French I got a 99, in AP US History I got an 82 (I thought I failed, so I love that grade), and in Chemistry I got a 96. That means my French grade is still an A, my AP US History grade is still a B, and my Chemistry grade had gone up from a C to a B! (And I also have an A in drama, so I have 2 A’s and 2 B’s.)


I’m on a Phone

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I’m on my blackberry right now!


New Layout

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I changed the layout to a Christmas one! I felt it was appropriate because, well, it’s December.

P.S. Why are there so many ladybugs in my room? They are so annoying!


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So I have a ‘Multiples of 13’ page on this blog, but should I have a ‘Multiples of 1’ page? Think about it…


I has a BlackBerry!

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Title says it all 😀



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Tomorrow I have a swim meet, but there is one problem. Today I was walking from my bus stop to my house and I had to hop the fence to get into my house. I landed weird, but I felt fine, so I continued my day. Well, it started hurting like hell about an hour ago. Now my dad says it is sprained, and I can’t swim tomorrow. Coach is going to be so happy. (Sarcasm)


Bipolar Dog!

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It is Thanksgiving break, and I am earning some money. I am taking care of a dog, a cat, and a gerbil for my boyfriend’s family while they are out of town. Their dog is so bipolar! I go over there are she is all barks, snarls, growling, and biting. So I wait for her to get used to me, and she doesn’t. So I put her on a leash and she is all smiles and tail-wagging. That leash helps me take her outside so she can do her business. When she goes back inside and I take the leash on, she is still all smiles and tail-wagging. What is it about a leash that makes that dog so happy? And why does that dog hate me before I put the leash on her? The cat likes me a lot… Maybe the cat and dog are sworn enemies, and the dog hates everyone the cat likes, but once I show the dog that I am neutral, she is like “This girl is okay…”

In other news… MY ROOM IS CLEAN! *Party time*


Blah Blah Blah (no one reads my blog anyway)

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Tomorrow is the One Act compitition! We are gonna rock it. So right now, the people in One Act are at my house, being really loud… but having fun. So yeah… Jennifer just came home… So I guess that’s it.


Stumble Upon

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So there is a website called Stumble Upon where you hit a button and you go to random websites. I hit the stumble button, and a picture popped up. The picture was from Scott Westerfeld’s Leviathan! It’s weird how the Internet is spying on me. (There goes my paranoia.)


Superhero Obsession!!

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I hate how much I love superheroes. One day during a One Act play rehearsal, we were doing a warm up where 2 people improv, someone not improving yells freeze, the 2 people freeze, the yeller takes the place of one person, and they start an new improv. Well, my sister and another girl were superheroes. They were the Flash and Spiderman. When someone yelled freeze, I said to the two girls, “You can’t mix Marvel and D.C.!” (The Falsh being D.C. and Spiderman being Marvel.) And on Friday night, I was totally obsessed with Smallville. And right now I am watching Batman on ABC Family. And my Halloween costume is Batgirl. HELP ME!!!


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Mulan Will Never be the Same Again…

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So I just found out, while downloading “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” from Mulan, that the singing voice of the hot guy, Captain Li Shang, was Donny Osmond. DONNY OSMOND!?!?!?!? Really???? This guy:


From "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"


Too Much = Three?

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Last year my mom told me to get involved in my school and with friends and such. So this year I am in the One Act play, I am on the school’s swim team, and I am running for Bling-meister (treasurer) for my church’s Youth group. Now my mom is saying that it is too much. One Act is every weekday until 5, swim team is whenever I am not needed at One Act, and Youth is on Sundays. It’s only three things, it’s not that much. Then again, I am normally only in one activity at a time. Oh well, I can be involved in a lot of stuff. (At least I’m not like my sister who is in three plays right now, and is always at a rehearsal for what seems like 24/7.)


The Same Person, or Twins?

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Today I was watching season one of Smallville, which I recently got on DVD, when I noticed that a character in one of the episodes looks exactly like the guy that played Jimmy Olsen on the same show. I paused my DVD and questioned whether they would chose the same actor for two completely different roles, on two completely different seasons, thinking no one would notice. I then decided that no, they wouldn’t do that. So I looked up who was the guy in season one, and it was Shawn Ashmore. Then I looked up who was Jimmy Olsen, and it was Aaron Ashmore. THEY’RE TWINS!!!!! Really Smallville? Twins playing two completely different roles in two completely different seasons, hoping no one would notice?? That’s almost as bad as killing off a character that isn’t supposed to die. But good thing you haven’t done- wait? They have done that? In the finale of season 8? Ohh.. riiiiiiiiight… They killed Jimmy Olsen. I blame the Ashmore twins.

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