Transformers Dream

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Last night I had a really weird dream. It started off with me and Shia LaBeouf in my back yard. There were three craters in my backyard. One of the craters was huge and the other two were small. We looked in the two small craters and saw alien skulls. Then we were talking about how Megatron was buried in the big ass crater. Then we went inside wondering how the alien skulls got there. (They looked like the skulls from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, also staring Shia.) So Shia proceeds to dig up Megatron to interrogate him. I am warning Shia that it’s not a good idea. Megatron gets loose. Megatron Megatron “>kidnapps me, my friend Maddy, and Megan Fox (who for some reason was in my house…).  So then Megatron puts us into his chest, where Megan disappears (yay!) and Maddy and I are talking to the four boys who were also in his chest. Shia was nowhere to be found. So Maddy and I were talking to these four boys, and we were no longer inside Megatron. We were in a car. Driving down the road.



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Three words: The Cleveland Show! The Family Guy spin-off…


Fight Scene

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Today in One Act we choreographed the big fight scene. There are little groups of people fighting each other in this big battle. I am a wood nymph fighting a mouse. I am on the Witch’s side. I lose… to a mouse! I like how I lose though. The mouse hit me. I kick the mouse. He stumbles. He hits me. I hit him. He falls. I walk closer to get another hit. He trips me. I lose. I still have the rug burns from rehearsal! But it is so cool. I cannot wait to do this in costume.



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Today is Hermione Granger’s birthday. She was born September 19, 1979. That makes her 30 years old. Happy 30th birthday Hermione! (yes, I know I am obsessed with Harry Potter stuff. But hey, next week is Ton Felton’s [the guy who plays Draco Malfoy] birthday.)



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The other day, Mr. Harper (the drama teacher) told my sister and her friend Shannon to go find a folder and inside that folder there will be two scripts for The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardorbe. After a couple of minutes looking for this folder (at this point I must point out that my sister, Jennifer, is a senior taking AP classes and Shannon is a Junior who is also very smart) I just glance down and see a folder with big words saying “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe”. I suggest that it is in that folder. Jennifer and Shannon say it isn’t because that is a bunch of stage directions and cast info. The look in the folder anyway, and I was right. The scripts were in the folder.


Lady Gaga

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Lady Gaga is so weird! This is what happened during her performance at the VMA’s. Lady Gaga was sing as normal as she can be, then a lady in a wheelchair showed up and Gaga was on a crutch. Gaga then goes to a piano and plays the piano. Then she gets up from the piano and starts bleeding. She then dies at the end of her performance and wires lift her up into the air like she went to heaven.


Accio Dragon!

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Today I downloaded the soundtrack to A Very Potter Musical, that’s on YouTube. When I got to the song where Harry is singing to the dragon as a part of the House Cup Tournament, he says “Accio guitar”. It just really bugs me that he pronounces accio wrong. (He says the c’s as s’s when they should be pronounced as c’s. So it sounds like he says “Assio” but it is “Accio”.)

Doc Oc and Showers

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This morning as I was washing my hair, I had an itch on my neck. This itch made me touch my neck, and that reminded me of Doc Oc from Spider-Man 2. How? Because there is a scene in that movie where Doc Oc touches his neck and finds out that the chip that keeps him in control of the mechanical arms is missing. So then I wondered how Doc Oc showers. Can the arms get wet? Will they get in the way? Then I remembered that he isn’t real. (I still want to know how he showers.)


Text Message

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There is this website called TextsFromLastNight.com. A lot of these text messages are nasty and about sex or drinking, or both, but the other day I saw one from my area code. This text was about a girl named Jennifer, who is obsessed with William Shatner. My sister is named Jennifer, and likes William Shatner. My sister confirmed that it was about her! If you are wondering what it said, here it is: “Have you not heard of Jennifer’s supreme lust for William Shatner? She wants to eat Taco Bell off of his love handles”.


High School, or Hogwarts?

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There is a message in the girl’s bathroom in my school’s cafeteria. This message says “The Chamber of Secrets has been opened. Enemies of the heir beware.” There was a conversation between Ron and Fred/George Weasley written on a desk. There was a message said “Join Dumbledore’s Army” written on another desk. There are signs all around school telling people to join Dumbledore’s Army, and that a sign up list is in the Science hallway. There actually is a sign-up list for Dumbledore’s Army in the Science hallway. I have a feeling that my high school is turning into Hogwarts.


Illegal or Legal?

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Yesterday I was watching Legally Blonde: the Musical on a bootleg DVD. Today I downloaded the soundtrack from the Internet. I was listening to the soundtrack on my iPod today when I felt guilty that I didn’t pay to watch the play or to download the songs. Then I realized that I did the same thing to The Nightmare Before Christmas (only I saw it online and not on a bootleg DVD) and I realized that I break the law a lot… Then again, the website I watch movies on says it is legal and the place where I download songs also says it is legal, so I might not break the law at all… I’m confused.


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New Stage

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My high school started building an auditorium last year. Its been over a year and it is finally almost finished. Today, after one-act rehearsal, my sister, Renee, and I went into the new auditorium, without permission, and looked around. It is AMAZING! I cannot wait to perform The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe on that stage. (And let me just say that the play is a lot different than the movie and the book. Yes, I have read the book.)